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Looking at Your Home Through the Buyers Eyes


My goal is simply not to sell your house, but to help you realize the best price obtainable for your property.  These are some practical ideas on how to successfully prepare your home for sale.  The following suggestions require a minimum of time from you as well as expense to complete and are designed to make your home stand out from the competition.  First impressions are most important.  In fifteen seconds of entering your house, a buyer has developed an opinion of your property.  Establishing the right first impression is critical to achieving a successful sale.  I will work with you to develop a home enhancement plan for your property so that it looks the best it possibly can:

Your home’s exterior or “curb appeal”


  • Lawns, Sidewalk and Walkways
    • Lawns should be mowed, edged, trimmed and weed free.
    • Walkways should be clean, in good repair and clear of any hazards including ice
      and snow during the winter.
  • Driveway – If stained or otherwise worn-looking consider a thorough cleaning with a power wash or even resealing with a high quality sealer product.
  • Paint – A fresh coat of paint can be one of the best investments to increase the value of your property. If painting the entire house is not an option, consider just the front door and/or trim.
  • Windows – Replace any cracked or broken glass and make sure all windows are sparkling clean. Replace damaged screens including any damaged patio door screens.
  • Roof – A well maintained roof says a lot about the overall condition of your property. Replace any broken or missing shingles, replace flashing where needed, paint eaves and fascia boards and clean out gutters.
  • Doorway – This is the focal point of your home. Repaint the door if needed, apply new door hardware, install a kick plate, replace worn house numbers, put a flower box or planter alongside the door, and install new light fixtures. Purchase a new front door mat!
  • Landscaping – Neatly trimmed shrubs and bushes are essential. Taking the time to do this costs little but has a big impact. Besides being freshly mowed, a lawn should look healthy. Plant some mature annuals.


It is best to keep your interior colours neutral and light.  It is also best to avoid highly patterned wallpaper. De-clutter and remove personal items and family photographs. Smell has more impact than you might expect. Smells to avoid including strong pet odours, tobacco, cooking and oil or gas. The smell of cleanliness is important to the selling environment of your home.

Interior Rooms

  • The kitchen is perhaps the most important room in the house. It can have a major impact on the value of your home.  The following ideas can increase the appeal of your kitchen without spending a great of money.  Make sure this room is virtually spotless and smells fresh.  Consider replacing outdated light fixtures. Make sure all appliances are clean and in good working order. Spruce up your kitchen cabinets by installing new knobs or hardware.  If your cabinets look old, you can have a professional replace the doors or door fronts. Replace any badly stained or chipped sink. Consider new countertops if stained or chipped. Move small kitchen appliances and gadgets from the countertops to create an uncluttered look. Chipped or damaged countertops should be repaired or replaced. Freshly painted kitchens are well worth the investment.
  • The bathroom has become an important selling feature in today’s home. Consider replacing an old toilet seat with a new one. Replace any old light fixtures with a new style light strip or makeup light. If necessary, re-caulk the bathtub and make sure all basins drain freely and faucets shut off.  Refinish an old porcelain tub using a porcelain refinishing service. Declutter and place all personal care articles out of sight. Replace an old towel rack with a new one. Add colour and richness with new towels and a shower curtain. Bathrooms must sparkle, including all mirrors and taps!
  • The bedrooms can do as much to sell your house as they can to turn off a buyer. Make sure every bedroom is spotless.  Any rugs should be cleaned, window washed and closets organized to increase their perceived size.
  • Mirrored closet doors can add dramatically to the feeling of size in any bedroom. Bedrooms should be well lit and you may want to add lighting and replace older fixtures with new ones.
  • The look of the basement can say more about your home than you may think. A buyer who sees a meticulously clean and organized basement will have much more confidence in your property’s condition.  Paint a bare cement floor oil-based grey or light tan.  Paint the stairway to the basement and make sure all lights are working. Clean and organize any laundry area and eliminate any dampness with a dehumidifier and air out the rooms if required.
  • A well organized, well lit garage says a lot for your home. Keep your garage neat and organized, clean up any oil stains from your car and paint the garage floor oil-based grey. Install a garage door opener and hang gardening tools and loose articles on the wall.

By showing attention to detail and understanding the buyer’s need to visualize your house against a neutral backdrop, you can dramatically increase the saleability of your property.

For assistance in making the repairs/enhancements above, contact John.